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If you previously purchased our rebate offer, unfortunately you are not eligible for another rebate as it is one form per person. We can offer you the $109.25 pricing if you are a bd member and already purchased the rebate. Please just enter your bd number at checkout and email us at [email protected] letting us know. We will refund the $10  difference for you.


How do I redeem my rebate?

Redeeming Your $40 Mail-in Rebate Per Kit (Max 1 Rebate Form Per Person for up to 3 Kit for a total Savings up to $120) 

MAKE SURE TO KEEP YOUR PROOF OF PURCHASE, REBATE FORM & LATISSE PACKAGING WITH UPC CODE. SkinSolutions.MD is not responsible for the loss or damage of any of these items.

1. Once You Receive Your Kits, fill out the Rebate Form included in your shipment with your information (Do not remove the sticker). We have attached the rebate to your kit. If you purchased more than one kit you will still receive one rebate form to use towards three kits for up to $120 in savings
2. Mail in the completed form, the original receipt showing number of kits purchased (which is your email confirmation you will need to print) and UPC code(s) cut from the box to the following address (on the rebate form) to be received by JULY 15, 2016. Please make a copy of UPC, Rebate and Reciept for your records:

Latisse® Rebate Offer
PO box 1190
Morrisville, NC 27560
Rebate checks will be received 4 to 6 weeks after the form (with proof of purchase) is received. If you do not receive your rebate, please contact Allergan directly.
Additional questions or issues with redeeming your rebate, please contact Allergan at (866) 482-4458. This is a promotion through Allergan, so SkinSolutions.MD cannot take any responsibility for any issues that arise with your rebate.
I purchased my Latisse before this promotion became available. Can I receive the rebate with my purchase?
We apologize, but we cannot provide rebates for Latisse purchased before the release of this promotion.
I have lost, thrown out or accidentally destroyed my rebate or Latisse packaging with UPC code. What should I do? Unfortunately, both of these are necessary to redeem your rebate. SkinSolutions.MD is not responsible for the loss or damage of these items and cannot be held responsible. In addition, SkinSolutions.MD cannot replace these missing items.
Can I receive more than one rebate if I want to purchase more than 3 kits?
The promotion is only valid for one rebate per person for a maximum of 3 kits for up to $120 off total. If you purchase more than 3 kits, rebates will not be provided or honored for the additional kits.

When will I receive my rebate check?
Rebates will be received 4-6 weeks after the form with proof of purchase is received.

I am having problems redeeming my rebate or have not received my rebate check.
Please contact Allergan at (866) 482-4458. They can help you to resolve any issues you may be having.

Where can I find my receipt?
Your receipt was emailed to you when you placed your order. Please check your inbox and print the email for your receipt. 

When do I need to send my rebate in by and where do I send it?

Rebate must be received by July 15, 2016 by mail at the following address:

Latisse® Rebate Offer
PO box 1190
Morrisville, NC 27560

How do I join the free Brilliant Distinctions program? 
To join, please go to  With this free rewards program, you may take advantage of member only promotions and you will earn points for your Latisse and Skinmedica purchases for future discounts. For example, every 5ml kit of Latisse is worth 150 points. Every 100 points will earn you a $10 coupon for a future order. If you purchase three 5ml kits, you would receive 450 points, which can be redeemed for $40 off your next order (50 points left over for later use). 

For more information, click here to go to our FAQs page.

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