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How To Choose Which Size And How Often

  • week 0
  • week 4
  • week 8
  • week 12
  • week 16

Are you new to Latisse®? (Growth Phase)

Growth phase is your first 16 weeks with Latisse®, when your lashes need a daily application in order to reach their full potential.

How often: Use once every day for 16 weeks.

Best value: Two Latisse® 5mL kits will last through Growth into Maintenance phase. Select “every 10 weeks” for your subscription and you won’t run out.

Are you in the Maintenance phase?

Maintenance phase is everything after Growth phase. You need to continue using Latisse® every week to keep your lashes long. thick and dark.

People who naturally have very fine or wispy lashes may need to apply Latisse more often in Maintenance phase than the average.

How often: Average 3x per week or roughly every other day.

Best value: One Latisse® 5mL kit every 4 months for less frequent use or every 3 months for more frequent use.

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