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  • Le Pragma 5 Step Skincare

    Le Pragma 5 Step Skincare

    Regular Price : $340.00

    Special Price : $175.00

    Luxuriating products with powerful anti-inflammatory properties to heal, repair, refresh, hydrate, and moisturize your skin after the long daily grind.

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  • Le Pragma Face Exfoliator

    Le Pragma Face Exfoliator

    Regular Price : $80.00

    Special Price : $60.00

    The resurfacing process exfoliates the skin, resulting in smoother, softer skin that’s optimized for your next skincare step. You’ll see visible results after your very first treatment, uncovering glowing, more youthful-looking skin while leaving it instantly smooth and soft without feeling dry or tight.

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  • Le Pragma Face Serum

    Le Pragma Face Serum

    Regular Price : $98.00

    Special Price : $73.50

    Find deep moisture in this skin calming and hydrating facial serum infused with hemp extract. This lightweight and quick-absorbing formula helps nourish and visibly reduce redness while antioxidants and vitamins work to deeply hydrate dry skin and give it a luxurious glow.

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  • Le Pragma Face Oil

    Le Pragma Face Oil

    Regular Price : $75.00

    Special Price : $56.25

    Nutrient-rich plant oils and other essential antioxidants soak your complexion to help nourish dry, tired skin back to it’s bouncy, beautiful glory. Algae extract adds anti-inflammatory properties to soothe and smooth the skin to increase hydration levels for full luxe moisture.

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  • Le Pragma Face Cream

    Le Pragma Face Cream

    Regular Price : $80.00

    Special Price : $60.00

    Quench skin throughout the day with this lightweight, hydrating face cream. Quickly absorbed and never greasy, to deliver 24 hours of intensely hydrated skin. This age-defying formula deeply replenishes lost moisture, leaving your complexion feeling soft, youthful and velvety smooth.

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  • Le Pragma Roll-on Massage Cream

    Le Pragma Roll-on Massage Cream

    Regular Price : $55.00

    Special Price : $27.50

    Our targeted relief pain cream utilizes a specially formulated full spectrum hemp extract that is high in CBD-A, combined with menthol to help soothe everyday aches and pains.

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