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Top Tips for a Perfect Eyelash Curl

You made it through your Latisse growth phase with faithful daily applications of the serum, and now your lashes are longer, thicker, and darker than ever.  Congratulations! Now comes the fun part—showing off your lush new eyelashes.

Many people have naturally straight lashes and need a little help achieving that perfect curl for a brighter, wide-eyed look that really showcases lash length. Done properly, a great curl makes for absolutely stunning eyes—but it’s also too easy to damage or even pull out your eyelashes if you’re not careful. We’ve compiled some helpful tips to put your best look forward while taking good care of your eyelash investment.

  • • Not all curlers are the same. Don’t just grab the first one you see in the drugstore! Do a little research to see whether you need a flatter or rounder curve, a wider clamp or a mini precise one, and whether the clamp itself is padded enough to prevent that unnatural “crimp” look.
  • • Always curl before makeup. Make sure your lashes are clean and makeup-free before you use the curler. It keeps the curler clean, and mascara can make your eyelashes more brittle as well as making them stick to the curler, so you risk breakage or pulling out lashes if you do makeup first.
  • • Easy on the heat. Heated curlers do create long-lasting lift, and they have the advantage of curling without clamping, so you won’t accidentally pinch or tug. But lashes are hair, and using heat on them will dry them out just like your curling iron dries out the hair on your head. Condition your lashes with a little vitamin E or castor oil (applied with a cotton swab) if you often use a heated curler.
  • • Take it gentle and slow. To get a nice even upsweep, start by pressing the base of your lashes firmly but gently in the clamp—don’t squeeze hard. Hold for a few seconds, move a little farther down your lashes, and gently press again. Repeat all the way to the ends of your lashes. Take your time and don’t try to shave seconds by putting muscle into it, or you’ll end up with bent and damaged lashes.
  • • Never tug! Be careful to always release the clamp fully before re-positioning or removing the curler. If you’re even lightly hanging onto your lashes, it’s very easy to pull them out.
  • • Change your angle as you go. For a more dramatic curl, start with your curler held mostly vertical (straight upwards) at the base, and as you work your way to the ends of your lashes, tilt the curler slightly more horizontal each time.
  • • One eye at a time. When you’ve completed your curling on one eye, apply any primer or mascara right away. As it dries, it will help hold the curl in place. Then, go on to curl and coat the lashes on your other eye.
  • • Get clear on what you want. Colored mascara too much for you? Consider a clear mascara, which offers a subtle definition and separation and helps hold a curl longer without giving you a heavy made-up look. Perfect for showcasing the natural-looking beauty of Latisse lashes!
  • • Sweep vs curl. For a more natural-looking upsweep, focus more on curling at the base of the lashes with just a light touch towards the ends. For a more dramatic “C” curl, work more evenly along the entire lash, using the angle trick above to get even the ends curving. You might find that different curlers work better for one or the other—it’s okay to have more than one tool!
  • • Permaculture is possible. For those truly determined to get a lasting curl, many salons offer lash lifts or lash perms. Lashes are wrapped around small rods or shields that are glued to the eyelid, and curling treatments are applied to make the curl permanent. They take about an hour and last anywhere from four weeks to the full life of the lash hairs. But buyer beware—these treatments aren’t FDA-approved or medically regulated, so if you go this route, always seek out a highly-experienced esthetician with an excellent reputation, never use a DIY kit, and know that the chemical solutions used can cause lashes to become more fragile.


Looking for longer, thicker, darker lashes without mascara, fake lashes, or lash extensions? Using Latisse eyelash growth serum for sixteen weeks results in fuller, lush lashes. One drop applied once per day is all it takes! It’s the first and only brand-name FDA-approved treatment for sparse or thinning lashes. Log in today  and find out if Latisse is right for you.

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  • I've had trouble getting my curling to work. This helps a bunch. Thanks!


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