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SkinSolutions.MD FAQs


How do I know that your products are authentic?

Vishal Verma, MD is CEO and Medical Director for SkinSolutionsMD, LLC.

Dr. Verma is Board Certified and licensed to practice medicine in all 50 states and The District of Columbia. He earned his MD from University of Miami followed by a Radiology residency at University of Chicago and MRI fellowship at the University of California, San Diego.  Dr. Verma has owned and operated a successful medical aesthetic practice in San Diego for over 10 years and is considered an expert in this field.  He has also served on Allergan advisory boards representing the top aesthetic practices in the country.

Our prescription products are fulfilled from our Pharmacy partner: New Drug Loft & VLS Pharmacy

New Drug Loft & VLS Pharmacy is a prestigious compounding pharmacy organization based in New York that specializes in sterile and non-sterile compounded medications across wellness, dermatology, pain management, pediatrics and more.



The Latisse 3ml and 5ml bottles appear to be the same size.

Each 3ml bottle of Latisse contains 3ml of solution, and comes with 70 sterile applicators. You get double the applicators, because you use only one applicator per eye, each day. Apply only one drop of Latisse per applicator. If using correctly, your solution should last up to 30 days. Extra applicators are included in case you have extra product or accidently contaminate your sterile brush

Each 5ml bottle of Latisse contains 5ml of solution (67% more solution than the 3ml), and comes with 140 sterile applicators. You get double the applicators, because you use only one applicator per eye, each day. Apply only one drop of Latisse per applicator. If using correctly, your solution should last about 10 weeks. Extra applicators are included in case you have extra product or accidentally contaminate your sterile brush.

Both bottles are exactly the same size, but contain different volumes of solution. You will notice that the green cap of the 5ml is larger.   

Here is an image showing the difference between the two bottles.

I changed my mind about Latisse and I want to return it. Why does the website say that I cannot?

Latisse is a prescription product, and under federal law, cannot be returned for any reason. If you feel that there is something wrong with your Latisse, you may contact Allergan directly to ask for a replacement. You will need to get in touch with their Adverse Event department at (800) 890-4345 so that they may discuss the situation with you.

I am trying to purchase Latisse, but I can’t seem to check out?

You will need to answer all of the questions below before you are able to move forward with your purchase. A physician will review your questionnaire before your order is shipped.


I'm from Texas. Why am I unable to order Latisse?

We're temporarily unable to fulfill prescription product orders to Texas. We apologize for the inconvenience and will notify our valued Texas customers as soon as we are able to ship to you again.

What temperature can Latisse withstand to remain stable?

Latisse will remain stable at up to 104 degrees for 6 months, and as low as 42 degrees for 12 months.


What is Latisse and how do I know your carry authentic product? 

Latisse (Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) 0.03% is manufactured by Allergan and is the only prescription treatment approved by the FDA for insufficient or thinning eyelashes.  Latisse was FDA-approved for this use in 2008.  SkinSolutions.MD is Allergan's number one seller of Latisse nationwide.  We only sell authentic products from all of our brands.  Our Latisse and SkinMedica products come directly from the manufacturer, Allergen. We are Allergan’s premier Latisse partner and fully participate in Allergan's Brilliant Distinctions Program which helps you save money on Latisse and SkinMedica anti-aging skincare purchases.  If you see a site that does not support Brilliant Distinctions that means they are not legitimate.


How do I order Latisse online? 

Our website is designed for easy one-on-one communication with your Latisse provider, Dr. Vishal Verma. For your convenience, your Latisse consultation can be as simple as completing your medical history and uploading the required photos along with your government issued photo ID so that Dr. Verma can verify that you are a good candidate for Latisse. In accordance with your state’s telemedicine regulations. Dr Verma will review your photos and medical history and continue the examination via email, phone or video.  For video consultations, you will need a webcam or the camera on your mobile device.

Once your prescription request has been approved, Dr. Verma will send it off to our partner pharmacy, New Drug Loft, who will quickly process your prescription and send your Latisse in the mail. If for any reason Dr. Verma needs to contact you regarding your prescription, this will generally be done within one business day. If you need some assistance completing your medical history or uploading the photos, please call our customer service team and they can help guide you through the process.  Please note, in some cases after reviewing your request, it may be determined that an in-person visit may be necessary to receive the best medical care. In these cases, we may recommend that your visit with your family physician or a local healthcare facility. 


Why do I need a prescription? 

Latisse is an FDA approved drug and requires a prescription.  As telemedicine laws change, Skinsolutions.MD must adapt to ensure that we not only provide the safest easiest way to purchase Latisse, but that we also comply with federal and state laws regarding the prescribing and dispensing of prescription medications.


Why do I need to send photos and my ID? 

Telemedicine is a wonderful and convenient way to deal with less serious medical conditions.  In order for Dr. Verma to evaluate your condition and safely prescribe Latisse he must carefully review your medical history and a close-up photo of your entire face, and to comply with rapidly changing telemedicine laws we must also request a submission of your government issued photo ID to verify that the photo of your face matches the photo on your ID.  All of this information is securely stored in your electronic medical record.


Can I get a prescription only without buying Latisse?

Yes. We can also provide a Latisse consult and prescription and you are able to fulfill your prescription at a pharmacy of your choice. Just call our customer service team, and we will help you with your request.  If and when approved, we will send your completed prescription in the mail.


How do you protect my privacy?

We take patient privacy and security VERY seriously, and we comply with HIPAA regulations. All patient files are securely stored and kept private.  Patient’s medical histories, photos and IDs are used solely for the purposes of evaluation for candidacy for prescribed Latisse.


How do I know if my order shipped?

As soon as your order is on its way, we’ll email a shipping confirmation. The email address you provide is the one we use for any order updates.


How long does shipping take? 

While we make every effort to get your Latisse order processed and delivered as soon as possible, please remember that the care and handling of prescription medications is vastly different than that of regular products. Dr Verma must review and approve each prescription or refill before sending it to the pharmacy for fulfillment, this typically takes 1-2 days depending on case load. The pharmacy then receives the prescription and again typically take 1-2 days to process depending on their prescription volume. We ship via USPS First Class and USPS Priority. Once shipped, you order will typically arrive within 3-5 business days for First Class and 2-4 business days for Priority.


Why have I received my skin care products but have not received my Latisse yet?

Prescription products are shipped separately from skin care products. Because it is a prescription product, shipping Latisse requires several additional processing steps and therefore takes additional time. If you have not received your Latisse within 5 business days from the date you received your skin care, please call or email our customer service team.


 I haven't received my package and tracking says it was delivered.

SkinSolutionsMD, through our partner Pharmacy, New Drug Loft, ships your package using the USPS Track and Ship program. Once your prescription is approved we guarantee that your package will be shipped to you. However, we cannot guarantee your package once it is handed over to USPS for delivery. Once you receive your tracking number the delivery of your package is the responsibility of USPS.  USPS can be reached at 1-800-222-1811.


My tracking number is not working or says “not found.” 

Once your order is ready for shipping and the shipping label is created, you will receive an email with this information including a tracking number. The package is then dropped off at the United States Postal Service. Drop offs occur Monday through Friday. Once the package is sorted at USPS, it is then entered into their system and will show the status of the package. This can take between 6 hours to 2 days depending on which day and time your order was shipped.


Can I return or cancel my order? 

We cannot accept returns or cancellations on any prescription or pharmaceutical grade skincare products. Once your order is placed and your credit card is charged we make every effort to get your order processed as soon as possible. If your order is damaged in the shipping process, keep all packing and shipping materials so that you can file a claim with USPS at 1-800-222-1811. Your Latisse kit is factory-sealed by Allergan. If you discover a problem with your product when you open it, you can contact Allergan at 800-890-4345 to file a claim directly with the manufacturer.


Do you ship Latisse everywhere in the United States?

Yes. We do ship Latisse to all 50 states.

Our prescription products are fulfilled from our Pharmacy partner: New Drug Loft & VLS Pharmacy

New Drug Loft & VLS Pharmacy is a prestigious compounding pharmacy organization based in New York that specializes in sterile and non-sterile compounded medications across wellness, dermatology, pain management, pediatrics and more.


I live in another country, why can’t I find my country in the drop down of options for shipping? 

Unfortunately, we do not ship internationally. We also do not accept credit cards with an international billing address.  


What is Brilliant Distinctions and how do I join?  

Brilliant Distinctions is a complimentary points-based program offered by Allergan, the manufacturer of Latisse and SkinMedica. The Program rewards clients with points for every purchase of their treatments and products. Points earned can be redeemed for savings on future purchases.  For example, by ordering a Latisse 5ml kit you would receive enough Brilliant Distinctions points (150) to save $15 on a future Allergan purchase including Latisse. 

SkinSolutions.MD works hard to help you make the most of your rewards by automatically applying your points with each order and providing an easy and convenient way to redeem your coupons at checkout.  

To register for Brilliant Distinctions, please go to  If you have any Brilliant Distinctions related questions please contact the Brilliant Distinctions Customer Support Line at 1.888.324.2745 (9am-8pm EST, M-F).  Remember, Brilliant Distinctions is an independent loyalty program by Allergan. We participate, strongly recommend and support the program, but do not generate or have access to your member number until you provide it for us.

Where do I find my Brilliant Distinctions number? 

Once you register for Brilliant Distinctions, you can log in to your Brilliant Distinctions account at and click on "my BD account”. Your member number will be found there. Please enter this number in the appropriate fields during your transaction.  

How do I enter my Brilliant Distinctions number? 

You can provide us with your Brilliant Distinctions number during the checkout process. After you enter your billing information there is an option that says: "To earn Brilliant Distinctions points enter your 10 digit member number". 

Once we receive your Brilliant Distinctions Number we will store it in your account and we will submit your points to Allergan's Brilliant Distinctions program automatically with each qualified purchase. Unfortunately, per program rules, we cannot redeem points on the same purchase that they are earned.

Do you deposit points into my Brilliant Distinctions account?  

Absolutely! Once we receive your Brilliant Distinctions number we will store it in your account and we submit your points to Allergan's Brilliant Distinctions program automatically with each qualified purchase. It generally takes 2-4 days for points to appear in your account.

Can I use my Brilliant Distinctions coupons during checkout?  

Yes. During the checkout process you will see a clearly marked field to enter your Brilliant Distinctions coupon.  Because we must process your entire order before we can validate and redeem your coupon, we cannot apply your coupons at checkout. 

After your purchase we will issue a refund for the coupon amount. You simply enter your coupon codes during checkout and once we receive, approve and process your order we redeem the coupons with Brilliant Distinctions, at this time we will issue you a refund for the amount received. It generally takes 1-3 days for us to access your account to process the refund and an additional 4-5 business days for you to see the credit on your credit card statement.


How do I create a coupon in my Brilliant Distinctions account?

In order to create a coupon for Brilliant Distinctions, you need to login to your account at To create a coupon, you must have at least 100 points available (every 100 points is worth a $10 coupon). Click on redeem, choose treatment/product (select Latisse if only purchasing Latisse or if purchasing Skinmedica select other product/service), to use at (physician office), coupon amount, and then create coupon. If you have issues, you can contact the Brilliant Distinctions Customer Support Line1.888.324.2745 (9am-8pm EST, M-F). 



How does the shopping cart work?

Each time you add an item to your cart, you will be taken to the shopping cart page. From the shopping cart page you can choose to either Continue Shopping or to proceed to Secure Checkout.

The Secure Checkout will take you through steps to enter a coupon and/or catalog codes, choose your shipping method and shipping address.
- If you’re a first time customer, you’ll be asked for information to establish your SkinSolutions.MD customer account.
- If you’re a returning customer, you’ll be asked for your email address and password.
- Once you review the order and enter your payment information, you will be prompted to place your order.

When will my credit card be charged?

When your order is processed.

My transaction doesn't seem to be going through, my credit card is being declined. Why?

Most often it is a problem with the billing address. Please be sure that the billing address of the credit card matches the billing address you enter for that field.  This billing/credit card address does not have to match the shipping address.  

I'm not sure if my transaction went through, how do I know for sure?

When your transaction goes through, you will receive a confirmation email from us. If you do not receive any emails, you may email us at [email protected] or call us at (888) 910-0623.



What are your special offers?

SkinSolutions.MD offers special promotions for many of the products we carry. Special promotions change periodically. Please refer to our banner ads on our homepage for the latest specials.



I need to speak to someone regarding questions. How can I contact you?

You may email your questions to us at [email protected] and also include your phone number if you would also like a follow up phone call. Our customer service works limited hours, so it is best that we call you. You may call us at (888) 910-0623.    


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